Growing Up Hertz

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ahhh, a new baby.

You yen for one and yen for one... and then it's here and you're up at 3am wiping a breastfed yellow-poo butt, with one boob hanging out of your bra because you haven't put it away yet and you realize in the morning that you were so tired you somehow managed to wrangle the little sucker into his diaper backwards and inside out and he's pooped up the back and peed out the front.

Yep, it's awesome over here.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

ZombieHarmony - One of the Best Free Dating Sites for Zombies

ZombieHarmony - One of the Best Free Dating Sites for Zombies

'nuff said.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pics of the Nugget

There, he's awake. Finally.

Dude. My boobs RAWK.

Okay, so I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was a little apprehensive about Phin's weight check today...
I took him off formula and ebm last week and let him go exclusively on the boob, so I didn't know if he was getting enough.

7/2 7 days old 5lb 9.75oz 3.43%
7/10 15 days old 6lb 8oz 4.92%

7/23 28 days old 8lb 9.5oz 27.91% !!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!

He is getting some nystatin cream for a yeast infection he got because he sat in a wet diaper when he had a good 6 hour sleep stint a couple of nights ago.
But other than that, he's awesome!!
His length went from 17inches at birth to 19.75inches at 2 weeks to 21.25inches today... he's in the 45th percentile on height!!

My little preemie!!

Now for Yorick...
Yorick's height SERIOUSLY jumped!!
at 14months he was 30.5inches in the 43rd percentile and today he was 33inches in the 76th percentile!! =) I knew he was finally getting really tall, he's been reaching EVERYTHING.
and his weight did really good, too, at 14 months he was 20lbs 5oz in the 6th percentile and today he was 23lbs 14oz in the 25th percentile.

She did want to address his speech delay, we're going to talk about it in a month, she's a little concerned that he's not really talking yet. She's happy that he's blathering and chit chatting in his own language, but she wants to catch up with us in a month and see how he's doing.
He has words for mama, dada, bottle, balloon, car noises (which she said counts), and ball. He's also imitating the cat by following him around on all fours and he pretends to vacuum and he can fetch me things if I ask for them, so his comprehension is good, she'd just like to see him talking more.

All in all, even though I was disappointed that he does have a slight speech delay, I think it went well. He got a hib shot today and we gave him a bottle while he was getting it and he only peeped once, so that was really good.

I'll go and take some pics of them now... if I don't go FRACKING INSANE first!! Yorick did something to the carbon monoxide detector and now it's beeping every 60 seconds and I can't figure out how to make it stop.


Oh. And I scrapped a page today:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slughorn Photo

I don't know if I've mentioned this before... but I was the one who originally said that nobody but Jim Broadbent could play Slughorn...
I'm such a genius. Look how perfectly awesome he is as Slughorn.

**pats self on back**
I love being me.

Monday, July 21, 2008


So. I've been totally avoiding updating my blog because of the sheer enormity of everything that has happened.

Phineas Morgan Hertz was born, surprisingly, on June 25th at 2:52pm, about 3 hours after I got to the hospital. He was 6 weeks early and 5lbs 13oz and 17in long. He spent 1 week in the NICU.

Had his Fairly Oddparents not been there, I would have had my c-section ALONE. Ryan and Sara happened to be visiting Sara's parents up here and we had a playdate for around that time, albeit, not in the waiting room of Labor & Delivery, but a playdate, just the same.

I let Yorick go to Gymboree while I packed a bag for me and, just in case, Phin while they were at Gymboree and emailed Sara to let her and Ryan know where to meet us, since we weren't going to be home.

I took a book (Twilight - more on that later) to read, since it's always hurry up and wait at the hospital. I thought they were just going to stick me on some monitors, pop in an excruciating IV and make me sit around... but, no, they decided to give me a c-section, much to my surprise. Especially since they told me without Josh there. I don't know if you guys all know, but Josh is usually there for everything when it comes to our kids. So I was a little peeved. Ryan and Sara got there and Josh had them watch Yorick while he came to check on my status... about 10 minutes after they told me about the c-section.

And we were being wheeled away about a half hour after that. So if Ryan and Sara had not been there, since we don't know anybody up here in San Jose, had they not happened to be here on that day, at that time, I would've had my c-section alone.

So, please, everyone give it up for Phineas' Fairly Oddparents, Ryan and Sara!

It was a really long hospital stay. They gave me pitocin, which I had a terrible reaction to when I was in labor with Yorick, they gave it to me after the c-section to cause me to contract and shrink my uterus, but they didn't ask how I reacted to it and gave me 3 freakin' IV bags full of it, so a few hours later, I was in so much pain, I couldn't breathe or speak to tell them what was wrong. I could just lay there and cry. They finally took the pitocin away.

It was just a big long series of complaints that I'm sure none of you want to hear. But, the NICU was pretty far from my room, so I ended up having to walk a little earlier than I would have liked to after major surgery, just so I could go see my son. As it was, I wasn't able to see him until he was more than a day old, and it just broke my heart.

He had an IV in for the first couple of days and then they took that out. He was only on oxygen for the first few hours of his life, he was breathing fine without it. (I had been given steroid shots for his lungs a few weeks prior to his birth at one of my other hospital stays) His temp kept dropping and that concerned them and he wasn't eating as well as he should have been.

I proved stubborn and started showing up in NICU like clockwork, every 2-3 hours to feed him myself and I think that contributed to them letting him go home as early as he did. I did go home a couple of days before he did, which was harder than I thought. It was really hard leaving the hospital without my baby.

Here's some new pics of the little nugget:

And a week old, compared to Yorick, who is a giant stinker next to him:

And here's a pic of his first real bath, taken a couple of days ago:

I'll post more later, I have lots to talk about, that are non-baby related...

Things we need:
a non-manual breast pump (lol)
socks and hats
Phin is wearing preemie sizes, and I love most everything except sports and baby ducks (ducks are too girlie)
and believe it or not... receiving blankets and burp cloths... I don't know what the heck happened to Yorick's... but ugh

Thanks for checking in on us!!
We'll be down in the OC for our whirlwind Baby Tour '08 the second weekend of August.