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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last Night's BSG... (spoilers)

So Josh and I have speculating for awhile on the repercussions of Raptor and Centurion cognizance and Viva La Revolucion! Anywho... I digress...

So it's totally obvious that Adama and Roslin are now doing it, I mean, why else would she turn into such a shrew so quickly? (And was it me, or did he seem totally embarrassed that she missed Starbuck while standing 3 feet in front of her?)

James Callis is the man. I think he has pretty much slept with everyone on the show except Mary and Grace. Everytime we see people having sex on this show and they haven't shown their faces, you have to assume one of them is Baltar. Which is incredible considering the source of his character:

I was going to assume that Helo was the new CAG until it seemed he was going to be joining Kara on the trip to Earth. Which... hello?! This is why Adama is 10x better than Roslin... her goal is to get to Earth, they might be going the wrong way and she doesn't want to risk the fleet if it's an ambush, so why the fuck didn't she think to send a ship on it's own? The man has to nail her and think of all the reasonable alternatives, too? No wonder she keeps getting cancer.

Speaking of Roslin... I, personally, think she's the final Cylon. Why, you ask? Because she's sharing dreams with two other cylons and a dingbat. (I love him deeply, but Gaius is a god damned nimrod who Gumps his way through life.)

And it looks like next week we're finally going to address the issue that Hera isn't the only half-cylon, half-human baby, but that Guilt-Generated baby Nikki Tyrel is as well. FINALLY! GEEZ.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Battlestar Friday!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! New epi of BSG tonight... so we get to hear Starbuck continue her quest to be a BackFleet driver...


I'll post my thoughts after midnight tonight. Josh and I are TiVo/DVR deprived, so I wait until the midnight showing of BSG so I can watch it with my SkinJob of Love. (He gets off work at the normal viewing time of 10pm, so he's usually on the way home while it's on.)

I watched American Idol Gives Back this week, so I searched for a charity I could really get behind... I think this is for a good cause, and would help millions of toasters in need. Please give all you can:

Isn't is adorable how it's standing in front of a Meat Market??

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yorick's New Doctor

I love love love-ity love Yorick's new doctor. She's really rad, she doesn't care one whit that Yorick still sleeps in our bed, and she agreed to let us set our own immunization schedule, since Yorick isn't in daycare. She's going to split up his MMR, he'll get his measles part of it when he's 2, and the mumps/rubella part when he starts kindergarten!! Does she rawk or what???

He got a Prevnar shot yesterday and let out a blast of disagreement until he noticed the nifty new Snoopy bandaid attached to his thigh, then the shot was forgotten.

Today we were supposed to be cleaning the house when I decided to put the scarf from Josh's shinai on Yorick's head... this completely tickled Josh and he ran to get his shinai for a photo op.

Our little shodan:

And then after lunch today (it was messy which is why he's naked), I put him down for a nap in our bed, unaware of the trap he would lay for me. I laid down next to him until he fell asleep, but he fell asleep holding onto my necklace! He couldn't outdo the master, though, and I took it off, leaving him holding it while he slept.

I couldn't resist:

As an addendum, there was a hit and run outside my apartment just minutes ago! Somebody slammed into the back of some girl's car, and took off, apparently. (I was peeking through the window blinds, as I inherited legitimately from my grandmother.)

And THIS is how much I've changed, people!! I actually contemplated going down and seeing if she was okay and taking her some water or something.

But then I thought, "Nah, I'm still in my jim-jams."

So... not that much, you still have your Bryn.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What to do, what to do...

I know, I know, don't be aghast in horror but I like digital scrapbooking. I just didn't know where I fit into it... I discovered that I don't much like doing it for other people as much, so I've decided to nip that in the bud. Besides a few gifts here and there (and yes, Mike and Leslie, I have started back to work on your wedding album after I got severely burnt out), I'm just going to work on books for our two boys. Whom I don't scrap enough about.

So, I have given it some thought and realized, my god... I really hate bad kits. I'd really like to start getting into the design aspect of it. It would be a good creative outlet for me... as Josh won't let me Shabby Chic any room in the house ever. So... I may be getting back into digiscrapping, but not on the end of... hey, tell everyone you know I make scrapbooks for money... because I wasn't making hardly anything on those at all... they would have to be $500 books to make it worth my time and effort. And nobody is going to buy a $500 scrapbook.

Of course, knowing me, this will all change in two weeks. I have the attention span of a gnat these days.

Yorick is going to meet his new pediatrician tomorrow, I'll update afterwards. I'm actually excited, there's nothing I love more than talking about my son with someone who actually has to listen.

Monday, April 7, 2008

No More Snail Mail Submissions?

So there's a site called Creative Byline that seems like it could be worth any of my writer friends while. It seems it is trying to hook up publishers with writers via online submissions (which they charge you for)... now while this sounds like an awesome idea... spending money on stamps versus the $19 submission fee they charge just to get the same Form Rejection Letter, might sting a bit more.

For all of those of you who knew me during my, "I'm going to sell my book!" phase... you know that I started collecting those various rejection letters, and while, yes, waiting for months and months just to get those letters hurts you in ways only writers know... it's still not $19 a pop. I might be wrong, it might be just $19 for your manuscript and they'll send it to your list of potential editors, which might be worth my while... but if it's individually... forget it... we're not called starving artists for nothing.

Anyways, please, if you write... and I'm hoping maybe one of my writer ex-boyfriends is stalking me just for this post alone, use it and let me know... I have given up all hope on publishing... it seems writing is easy, selling is not.

But... more to the point, what a frakkin' awesome idea... IF they can pull the publishers over to the digital side. They're a pretty stodgy lot, them.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Of Malls and Playlands

So my son has a passion for Mall Playlands. This one is very similar to the one we frequented in Orange County, so he didn't pay it much difference, it was definitely all the same to him. With maybe the exception of the rubber playmat floor, which made him feel the need to crawl often, so he could feel it on his hands.

Of course, he came down with a fever the day after our Playland visit, only strengthening our resolve not to put him in daycare. Damned sickie babies.

Anyways, here's a few pics from our trip... including one of him salivating over the prospect just before:

He loves the cars in this play area a lot better because he can get in and out of them himself, which he couldn't at the one in Orange County:

He frequently tries to run out and into the mall, which is why I bring my "wrangler" with me (Josh is young and full of energy):

Loves his daddy so damned much:

I just love this pic, I don't know why:

You can't catch me!!

The natural light by the playhouse:

What happens when Daddy is in charge of the bath after ravioli:

And I thought this was hilarious... this is the half second before a sneeze:

He's a character.

And I think he likes the mall because he can pick up chicks.

And the shoes... oh god, does he love to grab the other kids' shoes.

We're deeply concerned.

Worst Mother of the Year Award Goes To...


Serious business. I just cut off the top of my child's finger with his baby nailclippers. Which I have been telling everyone from day one, aren't a good idea for me to fiddle with.

After clawing my face this morning, I thought, "I guess his nails need a trim." Do not attempt this without a bright source of light. To my horror, he began bleeding, he didn't make much fuss about it, but one of my constant sources of anxiety had just come to fruition! I quickly popped his finger in my mouth and ran to the bathroom door where Josh was sitting on the throne. I yelled through the door, "JOSH! I JUST CUT HIS FINGER!!"

Of course, in typical Josh fashion, he replies, "Well, why'd you do that?" It will be the Zombie Apocalypse and he'll have some smart-assey response for me.

It bled and bled and he pulled off bandaids, and then gauze and tape, until Josh just had to whip out his Boy Scout First Aid Training:

IMG_6962.jpg IMG_6962.JPG picture by brynkitty IMG_6965.jpg IMG_6965.JPG picture by brynkitty

I am the Worst Mother EVAR [sic].

Charity Navigator

Do you, like me, want to be sure that all those tampons you donate to girls missing out on school in Africa aren't going to some strip club in Fargo, North Dakota?

Well, Charity Navigator is your answer!! I <3 this site so much! It does all of the research for you and even gives you donating tips, and it separates your Animal Abuse charities from your Elderly Abuse charities!

Seriously, this is a gorgeous site and makes you really want to go out there and paint a house. Make sure it's someone who needs it and isn't the lazy guy down the street whose back pain is only alleviated by Budweiser. You know the guy... he can't drive a forklift for medical reasons, but rides his Harley to go cash his monthly check.

Ahem. Anyways, please go check this site out. I've found some really neat charities here, and don't think that it's always about money, charities can use your help by donating your time and spreading a little buzz about them, so go find a good one today!!

Moses, Moses, Moses

Charlton Heston died last night.
He will be missed...

by the NRA.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

43 Things and Better Me

Have you guys heard of the 43 Things website? It's a place where you can list your goals and be held accountable for them. I'm really liking it and finding goals I didn't even know I had!

Like the Cleansweep Your Life goal! Now this is serious business. It's an assessment on your quality of life and how you might want to improve, it's a great list to start changing things. I'm a little too embarrassed to post my seriously low score, so I'll give it a few months until I can start checking some of this stuff off.

If any of you guys join 43 Things from this, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can send you cheers for your goals, and help you keep on track. =)

New Blog!

So welcome to my new blog, where I shall spout off about everything of interest to me, this may or may not include shows you have no interest in, comic books you'll never read, video games you'll never play, or diapers you would never ever have the hubris to change.

I don't update people on my life very often, being the preggo mommy of a precocious 1 year old in a new town, so I thought, "Hey, if people are that freakin' nosy and want to hear how I felt about last night's Battlestar Galactica and how much I saved at Walgreen's this week, who am I to keep them from peeking into the wonder that my life as a stay at home mom has become?"

The truth is, I love my life, I love my boys like you wouldn't believe, all three of them and I love sharing it with you guys. So, now I have a little corner of the intertron to tell-all.

So most of this will be things Josh and I have shared with each other, that you might find of interest (like right now he's informing me that Matt Fox is playing Racer X, which I'm vehemently denying, as I have my fangirl rights to do), things Yorick said or did, or pooed, and, of course, my couponing lifestyle, which all of you know, I try to push off onto all of my friends, because I like money, so I figure my friends do, too.

I'll try to keep it down to a post a day, but it'll be difficult, as I generally have loads to share, and may try to keep them separate. Especially when it comes to reviews.

Anyways, Yorick is stirring in my lap from the tapping of the keys and pissing and moaning about it now and batting my hands away from the keyboard... so apparently that means the end of this post. I am a virtual slave to his naps.

And here's me, a couple of weeks ago! I'm 23 weeks preggo now, but don't look too much different... so many of you guys want to see "Pregnant Bryn"... so here's Phineas and me, in the boys' room:

20 weeks