Growing Up Hertz

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phin Growed.

One Week:
2 months:

Crazy, right?
L8r, boobs.

Children's Fairyland and the Continuing Adventures of PooButt

Yesterday I thought, "Hey. Let's drive up to Oakland and take the kids to Children's Fairyland." Children's Fairyland is what Walt based Disneyland on after taking his girls there in the very early '50's. It looks like it hasn't changed a whit since then, either.

Okay, so those of you who don't know, my 2-month old poops once a week. He's decided that this should be our Family Fun Day, since it obviously adds so much to the Fun, so... it's Saturdays for him and his colon to get together.

I was... sliiiiiightly prepared for this, should it happen again. Well, better prepared than last time, which isn't saying much.

We pull up to Children's Fairyland, pay for parking to a guy I suspect was a bum who found the parking attendant's vest in the trash, and drive quite far from Fairyland to park. We get out of the car and I go to lift Phineas out of his carseat, where he's sitting in a mustard pool of poo. And quite angry about it.

I do my panic dance and hand him off to Josh, who for all of his Eagle Scout training, always looks like he wishes he could do the panic dance as well. Let's see, did I forget the changing pad again? Check. Looks like Phin is getting laid out on Daddy's BlizzCon shirt on the front seat. I remembered a onesie that fit this time, and expressed my lament that he would not be wearing the adorable onesie I had picked out for the park. =( (It had a rhino and said "Here Comes Trouble")

It was all great and terrible, and Josh had recently cleaned the car out, so there were no trash bags in there for the poo and three thousand wipes we went through trying to clean up our youngest. I grabbed an old baggie of Cheerios and stuffed the diaper and wipes in there and set about cleaning out the cesspool that sat in the carseat.

All the while, families are pushing strollers of bright, clean, happy children past our stinkfest and looking on with disgust. Why does this always have to happen to us?

Well, we managed, with minimal damage, I'm just going to be a little more prepared for next Saturday. I know what's coming now. ::glare::

And, as usual, here are my pics of our Family Fun Day!

I can't even remember what he was crying about now.
Josh summing it all up.

Thank you, Mafia!

Again, with the crying.

Can you believe how much they look alike??

Refreshment break.

This was hilarious...

Daddy lost in the card maze.

I was sad Yorick didn't lose his shit like Damian when we took him into the little chapel.

Playing with the creepy garden dolls. I love these pics.

Just to prove we didn't leave Phin and his poopy butt in the car.

This didn't last, he popped out the paci and started screaming like a second later.

Momma and Yorick by the play ship.

Check out my adventuring boy...

He climbed up six feet!! What the hell??

Okay, boobs, thanks for lookin'.
Peace out.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Phin went swimmin' today!!

He was largely indifferent, but liked it better than most other things. Look how serious and grumpy he is. He's like that 100% of the time.

I still have to take his 2 month pics... dammit.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We had a fun weekend (metric ton of pics)

First up, Josh got a promotion! Yay!!! (My foxy boy is so useful...) This means he got he the position he originally applied for! And that means he might get to telecommute and we can move back home!! Home home home!!!

So, as a present to himself, he bought an iPhone. He loves it. He can't put it down. It's quite hazardous, actually.

So, he wanted to try out the GPS on it, and insisted we take a road trip with the boys. We went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, because I've been bugging him that I wanted to see it. It's free admission with the added bonus of carny food. (Ridiculously overpriced carny food)

Here are some pics of our trip:

Pic with the iPhone

I took this one for Shosh:

Phin slept the whole time we were there.
He woke once to eat while we were having lunch, but then went right back down.

Yes, I partook in deepfried fat on a stick.
It was deelishus.

In case you thought I was kidding:

When we were done, Josh decided, "Hey, we haven't used our GPS nearly enough, we should go to Half Moon Bay. So we drove out to Half Moon Bay. On the way there, we saw this gorgeous lighthouse and hostel.

and yes, I am sad that we whipped past the Hostel sign to soon for me to get a pic of it. C'mon... Hostel, you guys know my horror fetish.

Okay, now is where you get to laugh. So about halfway to Half Moon Bay, Phin starts howling in his carseat. Well, Phin howls a lot. He's a high needs baby. So I sat there trying to put his pacifier back in his mouth. It wasn't working. He was really upset. So I told Josh he needed to pull over so we could check him. We pull over to the side of the road, and I get out, thinking I'll just nurse him a bit and we can get back on the road.

I reach down to pull him out... and he has crapped all up his side and out his diaper and it's... it's... EVERYWHERE!!! Poor little guy, he was completely traumatized by this sudden overabundance of shit. So, Josh, your hero and mine, set to cleaning him up. He was in poo up to his elbows. Serious business.

At one point, Josh actually said, "It's like he'll never be clean again!!" We had to take his onesie off via the neckhole, resulting in poo all over my little guys head, too. He was a mess. We had to toss the onesie, it was a casualty of war. The only other onesie I had in my bag was preemie sized, so Phin got a muscle shirt. (He's a little tub monster)

So I didn't take pictures of him getting his butt cleaned on the side of the road. You are spared that, but here's a pretty pic of me Josh took while I fed Phin:

We actually drove through San Francisco and then back to San Jose. I'd never been to San Francisco before, but it was getting dark, and we just drove around a bit so I could see it a little. It's very pretty, I wish it weren't so expensive.

That was yesterday. Today we went to Round Table for lunch and let Yorick go nuts in the kids area. It was really cute.

If anyone speaks Chinese, could you tell me what (sounds like)"Shey, shey" means? Two little Chinese kids were pointing at me and saying that today at Round Table. Like they were calling me that. I'm sure the word starts with an "x" but I haven't the foggiest how to spell it to look it up.

Here are some pics of the kid monster at Round Table, but they're all from the iPhone, so I can't vouch for the quality. (yeah, right, it's awesome, I hate Josh so much. I covet his iPhone)

And then Josh took Yorick swimming. Yorick had such a freakin' blast. Here are some pics of that.

So yeah, picture perfect weekend. I love my guys, they're the best.

I'll write more in a bit and promise to post more pics of Phin, I took some, they just don't go in our "our weekend rawked" post. =)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8 weeks old and bored already

So Phin cries.
A lot.
At first I thought it was colic... cuz he's the gassiest baby on the block...
but then I thought... hmm... I haven't been giving him any baby toys because Yorick just seemed to be indifferent to them at the same age, but Phin isn't Yorick.
So I whipped out the playmat and he loved it. He even reached for stuff, I'm not sure, but he's really not supposed to have that kind of stuff down yet. I mean... his actual due date was only a couple of weeks ago.

And then Yorick completely lost his shit and got over-excited in the play area of his brain and started roughhousing, which consists of kicking and slapping... and playtime was over.


I was hoping more for Coen brothers and less Manning brothers.